Goya Dress / Drive Blind - The Black Sessions

  • Artist: Goya Dress
  • Category: Rock
  • Name: The Black Sessions
  • Size: 1732mb
  • Quality: FLAC, MP3


1 Goya Dress King Thong
2 Goya Dress Strange Death
3 Goya Dress Any John
4 Goya Dress Valentina
5 Goya Dress Glorious
6 Goya Dress If I Know
7 Drive Blind Wreck
8 Drive Blind Peppermint Paranoia
9 Drive Blind Nerve Impulse
10 Drive Blind Smile Like Elvis
11 Drive Blind Clinical Tests Required
12 Drive Blind Come Down
13 Drive Blind Don't Even Mention Me


A combined session with two bands: Goya Dress and Drive Blind (France) Sessions no.64, 1994 Paris France. Tracks ##1-6 by Goya Dress and ##7-13 by Drive Blind